"Summer Queen" Exotic Iced Tea Blend (Loose Leaf, Organic)

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"Summer Queen" Exotic Iced Tea Blend (Loose Leaf, Organic)

 This creates such a pretty red tea when steeped! Not only is it appealing to the eye but the health benefits of this refreshing blend are numerous - great for treating high blood pressure and circulation issues, inflammation and it is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins and more!

Ingredients: Organic Rosehip, Hibiscus Flowers, Rooibos, Juniper + Goji Berries.  

Price is for a 140gm pack. 

Suggested serve: Steep 2 tps (more or less depending on how strong you like your iced tea) in a small amount of hot water to infuse and let cool before adding chilled or room temperature water and placing in the fridge or if using chilled water you can serve immediately.. ice cubes optional. 
For a richer iced tea steep the tea in an entirely hot water influsion and once it has cooled slightly place in the fridge overnight.