SOLD OUT "Enchanted Forest" Nourishing Tea Blend (Loose Leaf, Organic) *Limited Stock!*

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"Enchanted Forest" Nourishing Tea Blend (Loose Leaf, Organic) LIMITED STOCK! Be Quick! 

Not only does this blend smell absolutely delicious but it tastes delicious too and is so very good for you! This lavish blend of fruits, spice, medicinal herbal tea leaves (Moringa, Nettle) will leave you feeling nourished and content! :) Bursting with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and more!

Ingredients: Organic Dried Apple, Elderberries, Cranberries, Cinnamon Bark, Moringa Leaves, Sultanas & Nettle Leaves!

Price is for a 90gm pack. ( more than you think as a little goes a long way :-) ) 
Suggested serve: Add 1 to 2tsp to a mug of hot water or a small tea/coffee press and let steep for several minutes or longer if you want to really draw out all the nutrients and minerals! You could also enjoy this as an ICED TEA instead and gobble up the plump reconstituted berries once steeped :) Yum!