Blushing Beetroot Latte Blend (Powder, Organic)

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Blushing Beetroot Latte Blend (Powder, Organic)

All the enjoyment and earthy warming features of a good wholesome chai but with the added twist of deeply nourishing and slightly sweet beetroot to boost your energy, clarity and wellbeing. Along with the spices its great for the immune system and is nourishing for the entire system with many benefits for the entire body. Plus its so much better for you that sugary store bought latte mix with other nasties and fillers! 

Ingredients:  Organic Beetroot Powder, Ground Ginger, Cloves, Allspice Pimento Ground, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Stevia Leaf Powder

Price is for a 110gm pack. (more than you think as the powder isn't heavy!) 
Suggested serve: Perfect as a latte or served cold over ice or added to a smoothie or smoothie buddha bowl.

As a hot beverage mix 1tsp in hot water to a paste and then add your warm milk or nut milk or a combination of hot water + milk/nut milk, stir until mixed through and enjoy. If you dont find it sweet enough with the Stevia you can add a touch of honey or natural sweetener of choice.